Life Coach

Relana Johnson  is a compassionate teacher, healer, and listener. She is a level one Reiki healer, WITS certified group fitness instructor, tantra yoga practitioner, and certified life coach who specializes in Women’s Empowerment, Holistic Self Care, and Relationships—specifically, Nurturing, Restoration, and Breakup Recovery™.  Relana has spent the last 12 years empowering women across the Chicagoland area to awaken their inner goddess and live their best lives using a variety of healing modalities such as meditation, movement therapy, vision boarding, and good old-fashioned venting sessions.

Relana believes that the path to success for the men and women she works with, stems from addressing deep-seated past trauma by treating the root rather than the symptoms. In doing so, she guides them to achieving the lives they desire and deserve. Known for “talking people off the proverbial ledge,” Relana assists others with breaking through their challenges by acting as a mirror through which they can see their own greatness. One of her niches is Breakup Recovery™, which guides souls through the grieving process of a relationship and encourages “falling in love with yourself all over again,” using self-care and self-reflection, during a 21-Day Love Detox™. The program teaches individuals how to set intentions to attract the love they truly desire

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